Estonia is located in north-eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, Latvia and Russia. Estonia, and its capital Tallinn, is a short hop trip away from Helsinki, Finland - 80 km by ferry or 30 minutes by plane. Other nearby capitals include Stockholm in Sweden and Riga in Latvia. St. Petersburg in Russia is a mere 400 km or 245 miles away.

Geography and climate

Estonia has an area of 45,000 square kilometres, or 17,500 square miles, making it about the size of Denmark or the Netherlands, bigger than Taiwan, or slightly less than the US states of Vermont and New Hampshire combined. About half of Estonias mainland is covered by forests, has more than 700 km of coastline and a terrestrial border of over 600 km, over 1,500 islands and more than 1,500 lakes. Estonia has a temperate climate with four seasons and often enjoys an especially beautiful white winter with generous snowfall, similar to Scandinavia.


Estonia can be accessed via land, air or by sea. Its biggest international airport is the Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, around 4 km from Tallinn city centre. There is regular ferry traffic from Tallinn to Helsinki and Stockholm. It is also possible to visit St. Petersburg by boat or train and Moscow by an overnight train. Estonia is within 3 hours flight from most major European, Scandinavian and Russian cities. Flying to Tallinn: Lufthansa, Norwegian, KLM, Finnair, Turkish Airlines, Czech Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Estonian Air, Aeroflot but also Flybe, Easyjet, Ryanair, Utair, AirBaltic and Avies.


Estonia is a good location in any of the four seasons. Estonia has winters with thick white snow for months, spring with the nature slowly turning green and bursting in bloom, summers with white nights - 20 hours of daylight between sunrise and sunset - and colourful autumn months.

Only south-east Estonia has a more continental climate since it is the farthest from the sea. This is where in winter the temperatures can drop to -35 C and snow coverage is the thickest and most beautiful.

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